Fiscal Year Recipient Purpose of Grant or Contribution Amount
2017 Toys for Manhattan Annual Toy Drive $918
2017 Riley County Extension Education fund VITA Program $5,000
2017 Habitat For Humanity International Inc Rock the Yuma Block – Tools & Materials $10,000
2017 Homecare And Hospice Foundation Inc Technology support $9,656
2017 Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation Kansas Mission of Mercy free dental clinic $10,000
2017 Kansas State University Foundation Nature Trails at the Konza Prairie Biological Station $8,200
2017 Manhattan Arts Center Inc Purchase of Equiptment $9,000
2017 Manhattan Emergency Shelter Inc Transition in Place (TIP) and Opportunities Programs $37,000
2017 Manhattan-Ogden Public Schools Foundation Flint Hills Summer Fun Camp $5,000
2017 Mid-West Educational Center Inc Underground Railroad: Making history a current event $1,720
2017 Salvation Army Emergency Assistance Program $10,000
2017 Special Olympics Kansas Inc Young Athlete Program in Manhattan $4,230
2017 University For Man Incorporated Manhattan Nonviolence Initiative $56,669 (to be paid over 2 years)
2016 Manhattan-Ogden Public Schools Foundation Flint Hills Summer Fun Camp $10,000
2016 Crisis Center Family Violence Prevention & Services $10,000
2016 Flint Hills Volunteer Center General Operations $10,000
2016 Keats-Riley United Methodist Church Inc. Keats Community Center Project $48,500
2016 Morning Star, Inc. General Operations $10,000
2016 Pawnee Mental Health Service Inc Full-time transportation driver $27,100
2016 Riley County Seniors’ Service Center Kitchen Remodeling Project $70,990
2016 Sunflower Casa Project, Inc. Staff Support For Manhattan Youth Who Resided Outside Of Manhattan $10,000
2016 Pawnee Mental Health Services Technology Support for Email Server $33,758
2016 Morning Star, Inc. Peer-to-Peer Support Program $11,175
2016 Manhattan Catholic Charities Kansas Loan Pool Project $15,000
2016 Riley County Extension Council VITA program $2,500
2016 Kansas State University Foundation Equipment for the Konza Environmental Education Program $5,700
2016 Habitat for Humanity Build a Tiny House Prototype $10,000
2016 Riley County Community Corrections Oral Health Care for Offenders $3,000
2016 Manhattan Circles Coordinator Position $10,000
2016 Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri Assistance for girls in Manhattan $3,500
2016 Friends of Recovery Association Oxford House in Manhattan $10,000
2016 Boys And Girls Club Of Manhattan Project Child Summer Program $22,000
2015 Manhattan Lions Club Eyeglass Program $6,000
2015 Toys for Manhattan Annual Toy Drive $918
2015 Flint Hills Community Clinic Diabetes Management Program $10,000
2015 Manhattan-Ogden Public Schools Foundation Equipment for the Families in Transition Closet $2,000
2015 Morning Star, Inc. Technology support $2,223
2015 Greater Manhattan Community Foundation Matching grant for the YES! Fund – To be paid over 2 yrs $75,000
2015 Big Lakes Developmental Center Technology support $6,919
2015 Friends Of Recovery Association Grant Establishment of Oxford House In Manhattan $5,000
2015 Girl Scouts of NE Kansas NW Missouri To provide support for Girls in Need in Manhattan $6,000
2015 Keats Methodist Church Keats Community Center Project $35,000
2015 Manhattan Arts Center, Inc. “Across The Palette” Arts Education Program $5,800
2015 Riley County Council On Aging Technology Support for the Friendship Meals Program $1,215
2015 Manhattan-Ogden Public Schools Foundation Surrogate Parent Program $2,500
2015 Manhattan Circles Establish Circles Program for Manhattan residents $20,000
2015 Girl Scouts of NE Kansas NW Missouri To provide support for Girls in Need in Manhattan $2,000
2015 KSU Research and Extension – Riley County Volunteer Income Tax Assistance program for Manhattan area $2,500
2015 Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity Renovations to the ReStore facility $10,000
2015 KSU Marianna Kistler Beach Museum of Art Phase III of bringing Visual Thinking Strategies to Ogden School District $10,000
2015 Salvation Army Pathway of Hope Program $10,000
2015 Special Olympics Kansas Volunteer background checks, travel expenses, and training for events in Manhattan $9,445
2014 Toys For Manhattan Rent for storage unit, batteries for toys, & repair of bicycles(Riley Co.) $1,200
2014 Flint Hills Community Clinic Equipment for in-house vision, hearing, & blood testing $10,000
2014 Homecare Hospice Foundation, Inc In support of a sidewalk connecting the parking lot to the walking trail $4,670
2014 Mid-West Educational Center Inc Upgrading the basement of the Children’s Museum into classroom space $8,692
2014 Pawnee Mental Health Service Inc In support of IT system to improve client care $100,000
2014 American Red Cross Disaster Response & Volunteer Training in Manhattan, KS (Riley Co.) $20,000
2014 Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan Purchase a handicapped accessible bus $6,250
2014 Intergenerational Clearinghouse and Resource Educational Center (I.C.A.R.E.) Meet, Greet & Serve Innovative Intergenerational Program $500
2014 KSU School of Leadership Studies Campus-Community Partnership Award Program $5,000
2014 Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity Neighborhood Revitalization Project $10,000
2014 Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. Transition in Place (TIP) and Opportunities Programs $37,000
2014 Manhattan Lions Club Lions Eyeglasses Program $6,000
2014 Pawnee Mental Health Services Therapeutic Puppets Treatment Program $600
2014 Riley County Humane Society One-Time Emergency Veterinary Assistance Program $10,000
2014 Sunflower CASA Project, Inc. Updated technology for interviewing victims of sexual abuse $7,410
2013 American Red Cross Ks Capital Area Chapter Providing disaster response services for the city of Manhattan $20,000
2013 Crisis Center, Inc Support of full time salary for volunteer coordinator position $25,000
2013 Flint Hills Breadbasket Support in purchasing a new or newer used pickup truck $15,000
2013 Flint Hills Community Clinic Inc Support of testing supplies, devices and medications for individuals with diabetes $10,000
2013 Gallery For Peace And Justice Support of prize money for 2014 MLK writing/art contest $1,000
2013 Greater Manhattan Community Fdn Support the Manhattan yes fund $12,486.01
2013 Kansas State University State center for child development to help sponsor a natural environment conference for childcare providers $9,000
2013 KS Black Farmers Association Inc Sponsor 6 scholarships for low-income families in Manhattan to attend nicodemus educational camp $3,780
2013 Manhattan Area Housing Partnership Inc Purchase equipment and networking service $2,500
2013 Manhattan Emergency Shelter Inc Support organization in receiving federal matching funds for HUD permanent housing program $43,595
2013 Manhattan Juneteenth Support of Manhattan Juneteenth committee annual celebration $5,000 over a period of five years. Funds to be paid to the City of Manhattan
2013 Morning Star Inc Support organizations technology upgrade $2,500
2013 Pawnee Mental Health Service Inc Support of salaries for parents support and education coordinator position $25,000
2013 Riley County Historical Society Support restoration of the wolf house museum east bedroom $6,000
2013 Special Olympics Kansas Inc Improvement & expansion of multiple programs in Manhattan involving disabled athletes $10,000
2013 UFM Support of renovations to existing building $100,000
2013 Wonder Workshop Support organization in making upgrades to building located at 5006 S 4th St $25,751
2012 Boys & Girls Club of Manhattan Hispanic Outreach Program $43,000 over a two-year period
2012 Catholic Charities Support for Emergency Basic Care Need Assistance $2,350
2012 Flint Hills Sexual Assault Coalition, Inc. Purchase of equipment and technology items $6,000
2012 Flint Hills Summer Fun Camp Funds to hire a fourth teacher $21,978
2012 Manhattan Arts Center Support for children’s opera performances of “The Magic Flute” $9,840
2012 Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. In support of supportive housing program $43,594
2012 Manhattan Juneteenth Support for annual Manhattan Juneteenth celebration $500
Funds paid to city of Manhattan
2012 Manhattan Lion’s Club Support for Lions Eyeglass project $6,000
Funds paid to Shepherd’s Crossing as fiscal agent
2012 Sunflower CASA Funds to hire staff to provide increased volunteer supervision $13,850
2012 Toys for Manhattan Funds to rent a storage unit $1,700
Funds paid to Greater Manhattan Community Foundation
2012 College Avenue Early Learning Center To create a more home-like environment in classrooms $2,000
2012 Flint Hills Community Clinic For planned information technology upgrade and clinic furnishings $10,000
2012 Flint Hills Area Transportation Agency Support for Manhattan Citywide Fixed Routes $10,000
2012 Greater Manhattan Community Foundation Support for Manhattan YES Fund–second installment $65,000
2012 Kansas Black Farmers Association dba Nicodemus Educational Campus Scholarships for low income youth from Manhattan $6,300
2012 Kansas State University To purchase 25 binoculars for use at Konza Prairie $3,500
2012 Manhattan Public Library To assist the library’s children’s room expansion $250,000
payable in installments
2011 Boys and Girls Club Lunch and Swim Program $7,500
2011 Flint Hills Summer Fun Camp Provide salary funds for seasonal camp director $10,368
2011 Kansas State University Center for Child Development Funds for Early Childhood Professional Development $9,000
2011 Manhattan Community Juneteenth Funds for Juneteenth Celebration $1,000
2011 Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. Funds for Permanent Supportive Housing $45,594
2011 Manhattan Ogden Public Schools Foundation Family Literacy Connection project $12,000 per year for 2 years
2011 Pawnee Mental Health Services Safety Project $17,694
2011 Shepherd’s Crossing Enhancing Upward Mobility Project $2,790
2011 Wonder Workshop North Star Express $15,000
2011 Wonder Workshop To create permanent endowment at Manhattan Community Foundation $5,000
2011 Gallery for Peace and Justice Generate increased interest in Martin Luther King, Jr. art and writing contest $1,200
2011 Greater Manhattan Community Foundation Support for Manhattan YES Fund, potential for 4-year commitment $65,000
2011 Habitat for Humanity Purchase construction tools and office equipment $8,000
2011 Homecare & Hospice Foundation To assist with Transitions pre-hospice program $38,000
2011 Konza Prairie Biological Station Purchase of furnace, appliances and miscellaneous household furnishings for lodging for visiting researchers $38,000
2011 KSU Foundation Hoefin Stone House Early Childhoold Education Center Assist with Outdoor Learning Lab $20,000
2011 Sunset Zoological Park Technology Integration Project $90,000 one-third challenge grant
2010 Boys and Girls Club Support for 9 week summer program at Eisenhower Middle School $13,044
2010 Flint Hills Community Clinic Provide salary funds for 2nd year of Nurse Practitioner $15,000
2010 Friends of Konza Prairie Funding for Konza Environment Education Program (KEEP) $4,635
2010 Manhattan Area Habitat for Humanity Funds to help purchase box truck and trailer $14,000
2010 College Avenue Early Learning Center To create an outdoor learning environment $5,500
2010 Gallery for Peace and Justice Generate increased interest in Martin Luther King, Jr. art and writing contest $1,200
2010 Morning Star, Inc. Build capacity of the organization to become financially self-sustaining $8,650
2010 Riley County Historical Society and Museum To restore the parlor and west bedroom of the Wolf House Museum $10,000
2010 Riley County Seniors’ Service Center To upgrade communication technology $6,097
2009 Manhattan Day Care and Learning Operating Support $40,000
2009 Morning Star, Inc. Purchase computer equipment $3,012
2009 Manhattan-Ogden Public Schools Early Expression Project $7,150
2009 Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. Establish permanent supportive housing for homeless individuals with mental illness or homeless families $61,337
2009 Flint Hills Community Clinic Pharmaceutical supplies and patient assistance software $22,000
2009 Seniors’ Service Center Purchase broadcasting equipment for citizen journalist program $2,000
2009 Riley County Historical Society and Museum Wolf House Museum exterior repair and painting project $5,020
2009 UFM Provide sufficient money to qualify for a Federal equipment grant $26,000
2009 Kansas State Historical Society Restore and reinterpret the Goodnow House State Historic Site $20,000
2009 Riley County Historical Society and Museum Restore one room of the Wolf House Historical Museum $5,000
2009 Big Lakes Developmental Center Inc. Assist in purchasing a Snoezelen a la Carte and other items as appropriate in creating a multi-sensory environment $5,500
2007 Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan, Inc. Capital campaign for new facilities over three years $300,000
2007 Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan, Inc. “Immersion Presents” for new club facility $15,000
2007 College Avenue Learning Center Purchase outdoor recreational equipment $2,000
2007 Flint Hills Community Clinic Support upgrade of technology $8,000
2007 Friends of the Libraries – Hale Library Restore murals in Hale Library $25,000
2007 Home Care & Hospice Foundation Sheltering Embrace Capital Campaign over four years $250,000
2007 Manhattan Area Housing Social Security Representative Payee Program $13,500
2007 Meadowlark Hills Foundation Support Endowment of Good Samaritan Fund $15,000
2007 Riley County Genealogical Society & Library Restore Jeremiah Platt Family Historical Items $2,000
2007 Shepherd’s Crossing Toys & gifts for Christmas distribution $1,000
2007 UFM Learning Center greenhouse renovation $57,100
2007 UFM Childrens garden at Northview Elementary $11,600
2006 Flint Hills Breadbasket, Inc. New freezer $47,435
2006 KSU Child Development Center Classroom addition to increase capacity $16,000
2006 Manhattan Day Care and Learning Funding for emergency needs $10,000
2006 Riley County Seniors Service Center, Inc. New strength training equipment $1,279
2006 University for Man, Inc. Learning Center greenhouse renovation $112,000
2005 Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan, Inc. Support for After-School Arts Programs $10,100
2005 College Avenue United Methodist Church Infant & Toddler Center Residence Conversion $25,000
2005 Junior League of the Flint Hills Support for Discovery Packs & Library Card Day $1,900
2005 KSU Child Development Center Support Infant Room Start-Up $13,458
2005 Manhattan Arts Center Installation of new A/C Units $15,000
2005 Manhattan Arts Center “Arts Learning Ladder Education” Program $20,000
2005 Manhattan Community Foundation Instruments for Interested Youth Program $10,000
2005 Manhattan Emergency Shelter, Inc. Capital campaign for new facilities over four years $300,000
2005 Manhattan Habitat for Humanity To establish a ReStore $14,190
2005 Manhattan Riley County Preservation Alliance, Inc. Union Pacific Depot Renovation Project $24,815
2005 Mercy Community Health Foundation Partners – KSU & Public Libraries, Health Council $5,000
2005 Mid-West Educational Center, Inc. d/b/a Wonder Workshop Support “Hooked on Clubs” Project $14,460
2005 Parents Families & Friends of Lesbians
and Gays, Inc. (PFLAG)
Support the Family Ties Project $9,610
2005 Riley County Historical Society Goodnow House Repair Project $14,700
2005 Riley County Parks Department Keats Park Community Building Expansion over two years $25,000
2005 Shepherd’s Crossing Energy & conservation assistance – low-income $18,842